Monday, August 22, 2011

Josh and Jackson's "Big Job"

My friend Traci went out of town for a week and had the great idea of giving Josh and Jack the job of watering her plants every day. They were really excited about it and took it very seriously. They reminded me every day to go to her house and they got sad the day it rained and I said we didn't need to water the plants. Traci told them she would pay them each $5 and they were super excited about that!

Here's Josh concentrating on watering the grass (yes, he likes to water plants in his transformer costume)... Here's Jackson watering the flowers (yes, in cowboy boots)...

Now onto the deck...Tyce loved his green bucket and loved helping...My hard workin boys!Today Traci came over and paid them! "Mommy $5 is a lot of things at the dollar store!" And yes they're in Halloween costumes, we were trying stuff on to see what fits for this year...It was cute to see them doing their "big job." Tonight we're going to do a family home evening lesson about tithing and talk to them about the money they earned and what they should do with it. Thanks Traci for giving them this opportunity to work and learn!

On Sunday Tyce was a superhero cowboy with his la la tied on as a cape and his ever favorite cowboy boots...If you look hard you can spot a cute boy!

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