Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week With Morrills Part 2

Ok time for the second half of our week in Utah with Morrills! We drove out to Neola on Monday, the boys were so excited to go to Grandma's "real" house (after being in a Park City condo). It is a little boys paradise out there and it was so fun to watch them play outside all week.

Painting rocks with Auntie Tegan... Tyce LOVED painting rocks and was so proud of his finished product...

Joshy painting his rocks...Josh LOVED their dogs...Josh, Cole, and Jackson getting ready to ride the horses...This is how Parker spent almost an entire day. He found some boxes of old stuff in the shed he wanted to go through...Grandma reading stories to her adorable grandsons...Tegan taking the boys for a ride on the 4 wheeler...Throwing rocks in the pond (Jackson was pouting because he didn't want his picture taken)...Tyce was in heaven being outside...Then grandma remembered she had bought helmets for the boys to ride the 4 wheeler...Tyce thought he was so cool wearing these Mr. Potato Head glasses...We went up to the cabin and the boys had fun throwing rocks. It looks like Tegan is a little worried about Cole's aim here! Haha...Bike riding...Jackson took this picture, actually turned out pretty cute...Joshy and Grandma...Tyce wanting to roast marshmallows...My cute sisters in law...My honey and me...Grandma snuggling her Tyce...Parker and his dad getting the fishing poles ready...We had a dance session and Josh for sure had the best moves...My men off to go fishing...Cute Cole getting ready to fish...Patiently waiting for daddy...Uncle Shane helped Jackson fish...After fishing we headed back to the cabin for smores...We had so much fun with Parker's family. As to be expected, the week flew by and we were not ready to leave them. I love seeing how happy my kids are when they are surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who love them so much. They are so lucky to have so much love in their lives, even if we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. Thanks so much for having us Morrills!!! We love you and miss you!!!

We left Thursday afternoon to drive to Oregon. We stopped in Boise and had dinner with my dear friend Tara, who I've known almost my whole life. They made us a yummy dinner, we let the kids play while the adults talked, then we were back on the road. Here are the kids eating their dinner...

The kids were ANGELS on the drive to Oregon, I couldn't believe it. We got to Oregon about 4am and then had a fun week with my family! More posts to come!

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