Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

On Sunday I turned 28! I woke up to these balloons that the boys bought with their own money! So sweet... After church we came home and opened presents. Jack and Josh got me a super cute card and one of my favorite candies!I got a sweet card from my in laws with some money to go shopping! Yay!And another sweet card from my parents with some money to go shopping! :)My little sis sent me this cute long sleeve BYU t-shirt that I'm wearing. I love it! Parker got me exactly what I asked for...A picture of the Portland Temple, where we were married! I love it and love looking at it everyday! It reminds me that I have an eternal marriage and need to work every day to be worthy of that. After presents I took a 2 hour nap then Parker took the boys outside to play while I made dinner. While I was cutting up chicken my sweet visiting teacher, Rebecca Losee, walked in with this cake! She said since I lived in a house full of boys I would never get a cake like this, and she's right! It was so cute and it meant so much to me that she put this much time into something for me...Once dinner was in the oven I went outside to join in the fun. It was such a nice day outside! Parker and the boys were all playing catch...Jackson was super giggly and rolling on the grass laughing...Could he be any cuter?I love my boys!!!My favorite birthday present was...JOSH LEARNED TO RIDE HIS BIKE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS!!! This was the first time he'd ever tried and it took him about half an hour before he was cruising all around the neighborhood. I was so proud of him! 5 has been a big age (and he's only been 5 for 2 months!). He's learned to swim, pump on the swings, and ride his bike! I wish they'd stop growing up though, it's just all happening too fast. Jackson also tried and did well, but we'll keep working on it! After bike riding we came inside and had cake! Parker owes Rebecca a big thank you for saving his butt! He had no cake! Haha.
I had a great birthday. I love getting calls and texts all day. I love having money now to go shopping! I love how sweet my boys were to me. Tyce sang "happy birthday to mommy" all day! I love that Parker took care of the boys so I could just relax for a day! He knows that birthdays were always special in my house growing up and that's what I expect from him (not expensive, but special). He ended the night by giving me a nice long back scratch, my favorite thing to fall asleep to! :) We were supposed to go out to eat Saturday night to celebrate but, due to the hurricane, Cheesecake Factory closed. So we're going to go out this weekend instead! Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Here's to another great year in my 20s! :)


Daisha said...

Sounds and looks like you had an awesome birthday! You deserve it Jenn!

Poelmans said...

happy birthday! we're getting old!