Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun Day!

As I mentioned in the previous post, Tuesday after we went to kindergarten with Jackson and Josh we decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese. We would have preferred to go to a park but it was pouring down rain (for like the 5th day in a row!). It was a great day to go because all the other kids were in school! That place is hectic and crazy when it's crowded but not too bad when there's only a few kids there. They love it there and had tons of fun... I love this picture because EVERY time Jack got a ticket, even just one, he would run over and tell me. Josh, on the other hand, would get ten tickets and not even say a word. That is evident of their personalities. Jackson gets so proud when he accomplishes something, big or small. Josh just shrugs it off like it's no big deal.

Yes, we even ate lunch there...They LOVE dancing in front of the TV...Then we (ok sweet tooth Jenn) decided to go to Dairy Queen since it's totally on the way home! :) I think I'm the only one who finished my ice cream. Jackson never eats more than a few bites of ice cream because it's cold and messy, two things he hates.We had such a fun day with our big kindergartners. A huge thank you to my friend Kimberly for watching Tyce all day so we could give Josh and Jack our full attention.

Speaking of's been an interesting adjustment for all of us. We're all getting up earlier but they haven't quite gotten used to going to bed earlier! It will take time. How do I feel about them being gone all day? I miss them. I miss hearing their voices. I miss their hugs and laughs. I miss them playing so cute with Tyce. I worry about them, what they're doing, if they're safe, things they may hear or see. I look forward to 3:30 and love seeing them walk off the bus back into my arms, where they belong. They come home excited and happy, not as tired as I expected. Although yesterday Josh did fall asleep on the bus on the way home! The best part has been how excited they are to see and play with Tyce. They all play so cute for at least an hour when they get home, then they start getting hungry and tired. Yesterday they asked if they could watch a show while I made dinner, I said sure since they hadn't watched tv all day! I looked over and saw this... SO cute! Of course, Tyce watched 2 minutes then was done but he wanted to be just like his brothers.

In other news, my wonderful husband made me us a yummy dinner tonight. Why is this blog worthy? Two reasons: 1) He cooks about twice a year 2) He was up late last night, worked all day today, made a yummy dinner, did all the dishes, scrubbed chocolate off the carpets, wrestled the boys, threw them around, played tag with them, brushed their teeth, and is now reading them stories in bed. I can see the exhaustion in his eyes yet he continues. He is a very unselfish man and for that I am grateful. "Don't take pictures of me cooking!" :)

I was told by a friend at the gym today that "I live a very blessed life." She's right, and I needed that reminder. My life is not perfect, but it is wonderful. I love my husband and my kids, and they love me. What more could a girl want???

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