Monday, September 26, 2011

Tyce and Jake, Best Friends

Tyce is so lucky to have his best friend Jake. He is 7 months older than Tyce but they are the same size and get along great! They spend every day together, whether it's at the gym, park, mall, Chick-Fila, or at their houses. They are hilarious together and Kimberly and I laugh so hard watching them interact.

Here they are trying on matching sweaters at Children's Place. Kimberly wanted to get one for Jake so Tyce, of course, had to try on the same one... Today at the park they both got their shirts a little bit wet and wanted them off SO we had white trash boys walking around shirtless...

Maverick and Goose in their cool glasses...They love to pretend to work out at the gym...Back to the park, after we took their shirts off they were fascinated with eachother's belly buttons...Jake sometimes poops in the potty and Tyce loves to watch him, haha so gross...Jakey and Tycee are such good friends and it's so fun to watch them play. It works out great that they play so well together because Kimberly and I never run out of things to talk about while they play! We love you Jakey!

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The Hancock Family said...

I love the Goose and Maverick cute, Jenn! :))