Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye Crib!

Since Tyce keeps crawling out of his crib we decided to get him out of it before he hurts himself. The Ellsworths were nice enough to let us borrow their toddler bed for a year or so until they need it back for their baby, which is perfect because they we'll buy him a twin bed! Tyce was SO excited when we told him about his new bed, "my BEEG BOY BED!"

I had to get a pic of him in his crib one last time...He climbed right in...We told the boys they cannnot jump or play in Tyce's bed because it's not ours and it's not as sturdy as the crib was. Josh asked if they could sit in it just once for a picture for my blog, haha, he knows how to get his way doesn't he?Then Parker and Josh got to work taking the crib down. I got teary eyed, which surprised me. It will likely be the last time Parker takes down a crib. I think I'm done having kids, which rarely makes me sad, but things like this are still a little hard. Josh was such a good helper...After the bed was set up we got to work on Jackson and Josh's first school project! And so it begins! They had to decorate reading boxes that they will put little books in that they make throughout the year. Josh's finished product (all I did was his name, can you tell? haha!)Jack let me help a little more...Then it was bedtime. At first Tyce was super excited to sleep in his bed...Then he was not so sure..Then he was like no way am I laying down...After about half an hour of him crying, laughing, singing, and talking to himself he fell asleep...This morning he helped me make his bed...Then climbed on and said, "no night night mommy, take picture!" Hahaha, so I did...

Another milestone has come and gone. Time really does seem to be flying by. Tyce is at a difficult age. He is up early, whiney, into everything, terrible eater, etc. I don't know how I ever did TWO two year olds! Maybe the twins weren't this difficult? Or maybe I just put it out of my mind? But I also love how he is talking and learning. He can be very sweet and funny. He loves being home with mommy and getting all the attention. Next milestone will be potty training! But not for a while, I'm in no hurry. :)

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Janae said...

He looks so cute in his big boy bed. i love the picture where he is no way laying down. his face cracks me up. enjoy these moments while you can. I still can't believe my baby is almost 5. makes me want to cry.