Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cell Phone Pic Dump

So my phone was getting full of pics so I decided to do a blog post with all my cute ones. Sorry for my family who have probably already seen most of these, but I want them for my blog book!

A fun day at the park... "Mommy take a picture and send it to the Grandma in Oregon!"

Cute cousins when we were in Utah...When we were in Oregon my mom and I went to the new Babies R Us to get my little sister's baby shower gift and since it was opening day they had lots of visitors!What a strong daddy!Leah and Tyce love to play shopping carts together...Movie night!Tyce thinks he is ready to go potty on the toilet, but he has yet to ever go. It is SUCH a pain because he'll go in to the bathroom, take off his diaper, pretend to go, throw a wad of kleenex in the toilet, flush, wash his hands, then come out so proud and say I WENT POTTY! Haha, cute punk!Cute guys waiting for daddy to cut their hair!Jackson loves to dress up like daddy...We got this cute red chair and stuffed horse from our friends that were moving...Chick Fila family night! They had free water proof glitter tatoos! It took 2 weeks to get them off!Hahaha, one night we were having spaghetti for dinner and Tyce somehow fell forward, flat into his plate of spaghetti!This was the day Hurricane Irene was supposed to hit us. It was humid enough that, despite the rain, it was pretty warm...Jackson has been having severe stomach aches and head aches so we spent 4 hours one day at the pediatrician, hospital, and lab. Here he is waiting for his sinus, chest, and abdominal x-rays. The techs said he was SO good, SO still, SO cooperative, and SO cute! I was so proud! :)Here he is at the lab waiting to get his blood drawn...Jackson was SO still and didn't cry! He loved watching his blood come out. I couldn't believe how brave he was! The interesting thing was Josh asked me if he could wait in the waiting room because "mommy, I do NOT want to watch this!" I don't know if he has a weak stomach or was worried about Jackson, but it was cute. That night his stomach got pretty bad (his face breaks my heart), here we are cuddling...This is Tyce's new silly face, I love it...Sunday we headed over to the park to play baseball, football, and soccer...My adorable sweaty boys!Monday we went to Walmart to get stuff for school lunches. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way out...

Next post: FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!! Let me just say...adorable!!!

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