Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!

Tonight Jackson and Josh decorated gingerbread houses! Growing up I remember my mom spending hours baking gingerbread, cutting each of the pieces out just perfect, making the frosting, putting foil on cardboard for the bases, etc. Well, sorry mom, I was lazy and bought pre made houses! Haha, the boys didn't seem to mind and they had tons of fun.

Here they are just starting... Josh sure was licking his fingers a lot...

Jackson was very methodical about how to do his...Josh just loved squeezing gobs of frosting everywhere...Jack's finished product...I think he did pretty well!Josh's finished product...In his defense, I cut the hole of his frosting packet a little too big so the frosting came out pretty fast...Cute guys proud of their masterpieces...

I love this time of year, however, I've been feeling sorry for myself lately. I never thought I would be one of those people who lived far away from family, yet here I am. I want to have lunch with my moms, hold my little sister's and sister in law's babies, play with my nieces and nephews, let my boys have sleepovers at grandma's house, have free babysitters who love my kids, have family dinners, laugh with my dad, and be able to just "stop by." Rather, we visit twice a year and it's chaos. The flight is expensive and long. We are always exhausted. Then we cram as much fun as possible in a few short days with each side of the family, then back to Virginia, where the post-family depression sets in as we adjust to the time change and back to reality, lonely reality. I feel like my boys miss out on so much because they don't get to do all the fun stuff that other kids get to do with their grandparents and cousins. Especially because both sets of their grandparents are so great and would do such fun stuff with them! Why are we out here?

I guess now is where I should list off all the things I'm grateful for and try to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Focus on what I DO have rather than what I don't have. But, it's just not that kind of day.

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Mikaela said...

Cute gingerbread houses, I thought of doing this but then realized I love gingerbread way too much to just let it go bad as a decoration, so we will do gingerbread men instead and then eat them all!! Also, your boys don't know what it is like to be too close to all their family so they really aren't missing it as much as you probably. Growing up it didn't ever bother me we lived far away from my parents families. . .it is just hard on the adults. Hang in there, as my mom told me in our last conversation "Heavenly Father will bless you with the friends you need at the time you need them" So inspired.