Friday, December 9, 2011

Pajama Read

Last night Cougar Elementary had a pajama read at the school. The kids got to come to the school in the evening with their parents and do some activities and listen to stories. Before we left Jackson asked:

Jack: "Are you guys (Parker and I) coming too?"
Me: "Yes honey we are!"
Jackson: "Well some kids parents aren't coming,"
Me: "Well some kids don't have parents that go to stuff like this, but we do."
Jackson: "Well, I wish you didn't."
SOOOO sad!!!! Parker and I both looked at eachother like, how sad! I am so not ready for them to not want me around them! However, when we got there he was pretty clingy and happy we were there so that made us feel better. :)

Here they are working on their "Build a Penguin"...

Jack loved his...

Enjoying cookies and milk (which, of course, Tyce couldn't have because of his new diet! so sad!)...Daddy kept Tyce occupied working on his penguin, which he later ripped up...Jackson getting a penguin tattoo, that night during family prayer Josh said "we're grateful we got tattoos." Hahaha, I hope Heavenly Father understood :) Josh rocked the bean bag toss and got the high score of 20!Off to claim his prize...Tyce got to pick a prize too, mostly because he was so cute. Him in his jammies and cowboy boots gets SO much attention. I got at least 8 compliments on how cute he looked...After we listened to some stories in the classrooms we went to the gym to read stories as a family. At this point everyone was tired. Tyce was running around wired and Jack was throwing a fit because the pencil he got wasn't sharpened. Hahaha...
Tyce is becoming quite the little comedian, it's so cute. He loves to be funny and make people laugh. He thought it was hilarious to run and then fall onto my purse, with my new fast camera I could capture his cute smile!

It was a fun night. I continue to be impressed with the school. However, the kids didn't go to bed until 9pm, an hour later than usual, so this morning was NOT fun! Oh well, tomorrow is Saturday! :)

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Lindsay said...

tyce is getting waaaay too big without me around. sad.