Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I wrote a letter to the North Pole asking Santa to come to our house one day early this year, since we will be flying to Utah Christmas morning. Last night after prayers and stories the boys were looking out the window for Santa... I'll tell you what, nothing is cuter than the excitement of 5 year olds about Santa coming, it just melted my heart.

A little out of order, sorry, but the twins had their Winter Celebration at school on Thursday. It was nicely done, no Christian songs of course, but they were happy to throw in some Jewish songs. are some pics of the boys...

Back to Christmas Eve now. After basketball practice we came home, sang carols, read the Christmas story, then got cookies and carrots out. Tyce was not happy that Santa was going to eat all his cookies! They were all exhausted and, despite the excitement, fell asleep pretty fast. Santa got to work. Tyce got a table, blocks, book, and house....The art table above is for the twins. Jackson also got a Batman Setup...Josh got a remote control monster truck...Christmas morning...Tyce was super excited about his Mickey Mouse puzzle book...Jackson loved his Batman Castle...Checking out the candy in their stockings...Tyce in his cute house...Haha, look how my cute Tycee organized his candy while taking it out of his stocking..The twins each got to buy us something at their Holiday Gift Shop at school. I gave them each $15, Jackson was supposed to buy something for Daddy and Josh for mommy. They came home from school and Josh pulled out one box for me, then four for himself!!! Haha, little punk got me one thing and used the rest of the money to buy stuff for himself. However, I opened my present today and he got me "diamond" earrings and a necklace and was SO excited to give it to me. I guess he redeemed himself.

Sweet Jack picked out three very thoughtful things for daddy, a football screwdriver, mini screwdrivers on a key chain, and a weather clock. He is so thoughtful and was SO excited to give them to daddy... Auntie Nicole made them these adorable blankets. Tyce's is my favorite, it's a cowboy boot perfect for him!!!Parker probably had the best Christmas, I surprised him with an Ipad!

Here is he looking super surprised...Here he is thinking I can't believe you would spend this much on me...Here he is HAPPY!!!Jackson writing Morrills on the front door of the new house. We also need to color it but that will take a few days...Putting together the batman castle...

It was a great Christmas morning! Now I'm off to start packing! We're getting up t 3:30am tomorrow to head to Utah!!!!

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