Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Tyce is almost 2 1/2 so I thought I'd do a post on what he's up to these days. He is growing up so fast and is really getting some personality. Here are some things about Tyce:

*He LOVES to clean, organize, and help. He hates to leave the house if there are toys on the floor and is always happy to clean them up. He loves to organize things that are messy. He always clears the table if there's any remaining dishes on there after a meal. When he takes his shoes off he walks all the way upstairs to put them away in his closet rather than leaving them out like the rest of my boys!

*He is hilarious! Tyce is really developing a sense of humor. He loves to do silly voices and silly things and loves to make us laugh.

*He loves to read! He especially loves Brown Bear Brown Bear, Thomas, Winnie the Pooh, and dinosaur books. I'm amazed at his attention span for his age. I'm also amazed at his memorization skills! He can "read" many books by memory.

*He is no longer napping. Sad for mommy. He now goes to bed easier and sleeps later in the morning but I MISS that alone time during the day!

*He is very clingy. He's happy most of the day but he always has to know where I am and be close to me. I know I know, it sounds sweet but it gets annoying sometimes! How I long to go to the bathroom alone!

*He is talking very well. He also loves to sing songs. I love listening to him talk and sing, it's so cute!

*He loves his brothers, "Gack" and Josh. He loves playing whatever they are playing and copying them. He also loves to be funny and make them laugh.

*He is finally very much into watching TV. He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and could probably watch it all day, if I let him. He loves all the characters and is so cute singing the songs and doing the hot dog dance.

*He loves to color and build towers with blocks. He is always very proud of whatever he makes.

*He is very affectionate. He is always putting his hands on my cheeks and giving me kisses. He loves to give me hugs. He's very good at saying thank you mommy. He is sensitive and compassionate.

*He loves to play with his friends, especially Jake, Leah, and Sarah. He talks about them all the time and is pretty good at sharing his toys.

*He's tall! I don't know his stats but I do know he's as tall as most 3 year olds we know! He's also thinned out as he's grown taller. I have a feeling he'll be taller than Josh for sure, and maybe even Jack!

Here he is doing his "big job." Every morning he unloads the silverware from the dishwasher...

I love my Tycee so much! He is a special boy who is growing up way too fast!

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