Monday, December 19, 2011

Tyce's Endoscopy

This morning was Tyce's endoscopy. He was such a good boy all morning even though he couldn't eat or drink anything. When we got back to the prep room Tyce was super cooperative and cute. All the hospital staff thought he was just the cutest thing ever (his hair was a huge hit) so they kept on stopping by to give him stickers and dolls, too cute. He kept saying, my be brave mommy my be brave...

Then we went back to the procedure room where they started hooking him up to all sorts of things and he was NOT happy! He was scared and crying, it was so sad When I laid him down for the anesthetic he freaked out so we had to hold him down while he fell asleep, which absolutely broke my heart. I made it out of the room before I started bawling. About 15 minutes later they came and got me so I could be there when he woke up. Here's my baby fast asleep... He slept for quite a while and then his heart rate started racing and his oxygen level started dropping. The nurse got worried, hooked him up to oxygen, and started rubbing his back hard to wake him up. That lasted about 3-5 minutes, I was so scared. Eventually his oxygen level went back up and they took off the oxygen and he woke up. He was happy to cuddle his mommy... The results of the endoscopy? They didn't SEE anything wrong, but we'll get the biopsy results in a week or two. The doctor was a jerk, in fact, every GI doctor I've met with has been a jerk. I feel like they think nothing is wrong with Tyce and I'm just there for fun. My baby is waking up at night in pain, that is not normal!!!

When we came home Tyce was so excited to eat his oatmeal. He loves his yellow hospital gown, which they let him take home because he was so cute, and wanted to keep it on.

I was hoping he would nap this afternoon because we'll be out late tonight looking at Christmas lights but I think his snooze at the hospital was enough for him. He's doing pretty good now, although he's had diarrhea three times since we got back. I'm so frustrated, guess we'll wait for the biopsy results and go from there!


Tyler, Jackie, Cole, and Kate! said...

Darn! I was hoping for some answers. Hopefully the biopsy gives you something to go on. I got your text about lactose intolerant, is he really? Poor little guy, I hate seeing them in pain. Miss you, love you, and hope this gets figured out soon for you all.

ps - Jessica's guy is from Virginia! She met him there where she's working. He seems pretty cool, we'll see when we meet him in OR and give him the run down... :)

Shanna said...

Hey Jen, I know you don't know me but I've been friends with Jackie forever. Anyways I enjoy reading your blog. But I just wanted to talk to you about your little boy. A year ago my little boy had to the same thing going on. Very severe diarrhea all the time. We tried everything, from lactose intolerant diet, gluten free diet, nothing helped. So I took him to primary children's to a gi doc and he was wonderful. The first initial visit he pretty much knew what was going on but we did a endoscopy and colonoscopy to make sure. He had what is called toddlers diarrhea. It basically means they are allergic to natural sugar (all fruit including fruit juices as well) we cut out all fruit and juice out of his diet for 5 months and then slowly started introducing it back into his diet to see how he reacted. He said if you cut it out of their diet and let the enzymes in their stomach and colon heal, then 90% of the time it works and they can go back to eating fruit. It worked on my little boy. I still don't give him juice but only once in a great while. But he can eat at least one serving of fruit a day and is ok. He also said that when he hits puberty age he will most likely get irritable bowel syndrome cause it comes back in that form at that age, but for now he is doing so much better. Anyways, i just wanted to share that with you and maybe you could give it a try for your little guy. Hope you get some answers soon. :)