Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Jackson and Josh have been playing basketball for about a month now.  This is their second year playing but their first year in this age group.  They are the Warriors, which was the same team name they had last year, and they think that's pretty cool.  They have nine players on their team and their coach is Coach Dominic.  Unfortunately they have lost all three of their games so far, which has been hard since they were undefeated in baseball and football...but I guess it's good for them to lose right?  They have fun and they are improving.  Josh is really aggressive and plays hard defense.  Jackson is the tallest on the team (however all the other teams have at least four players significantly taller than Jackson) so he gets a lot of playing time trying to defend the tall kids.  They are so fun to watch. 
My camera sucks at getting action shots so here are the only non blurry ones I have... 

I'll try taking some more throughout the next few games and see if I can get them in action  :)

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