Monday, January 28, 2013


The past couple months I feel like Josh has, in so many ways, matured a couple of years!  His behavior, his sensitivity, his obedience, his skills, everything about him just seems so advanced for a six year old.  Josh has been my angel lately and I don't know what I would do without him.  He is such a big help around the house...he sees what needs to be done and just does it!  That's more than I can say about his daddy!  Like I will be making dinner and I'll tell the kids "15 minutes until dinner" and Josh will just automatically start cleaning up the house, knowing that that's what I always ask them to do before dinner (because then it's bedtime).  He does it on his own, not asking for help or praise.  He does it exactly the way I would do it too which I also love.  He is SO cute with Tyce and knows how to deal with a three year old, he is well versed in using reverse psychology to encourage him to get dressed, brush his teeth, eat his dinner, clean up, etc.  On Saturday mornings when Parker and I want to sleep in, Josh gets up and gets everyone breakfast...he even knows how to make microwave oatmeal!  He is so patient with Jackson and his many fits (more on that later).  He is so tough and forgiving when Jackson takes their wrestling too far.  At nights he just goes upstairs, showers himself, puts lotion on his face, gives me his towel to hang up, then goes and reads his book..all without me asking!  Same with homework, I never have to ask him to do it or help him with it...he just sits down, does it, then puts it back in his backpack.  In thinking about the past week, I could count on one hand the number of times Josh was even slightly disobedient or grumpy.  With Parker gone I feel like Josh has really stepped up and I am extremely grateful for that blessing.  If you know Josh at all you know that he is not necessarily my "affectionate child."  Jackson and Tyce are both more physically affectionate.  However, I have noticed that Josh is very physically affectionate with me.  He is constantly giving me hugs and kisses and asking to cuddle with me on the couch.  I feel like Josh and I have a very special relationship and for that I am so grateful. 
Because of Josh's exceptional behavior he has received two special nights.  For his first special night Joshy got to stay awake after his brothers went to bed and watch football with daddy...he thought he was pretty cool and I thought he was pretty cute...
For his second special night I took him out to ice cream!  Jack and Tyce don't like ice cream and Josh and I LOVE ice cream so it was the perfect thing for us to do together... 

I had grand plans of sitting at Sweet Frog and talking to him about school, friends, sports, etc.  Well...he had other plans.  Plans of eating in silence.  I noticed he has a personality much like his dad and he was perfectly comfortable sitting there in silence.  It was an interesting realization to see how different he is from me, Jackson, and Tyce...who are all VERY talkative.  There are times when Josh opens up and talks to me about things in his life and I know I need to make sure and listen when he does.  But I am going to let him do it on his own time and not force it on him. 

This post does not mean Josh is my favorite child, it just means that he is at a very enjoyable stage.  I remember a couple years ago when I called Jackson "mommy's little angel" and I worried Josh and I would never bond.  I'm sure there will be ups and downs with each child as they grow up...I am just enjoying this up with my sweet Josh.  MOMMY LOVES YOU JOSH!!!  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

One more thing...last night Parker and I were playing games with our friends Troy and Denise and the boys were all supposed to be in bed.  I heard footsteps upstairs so I went up there and caught Josh in the hallway.  I yelled at him asking what the heck he was doing and asked what he was hiding behind his back.  He pulls this out...

And tells me he just wanted to put this under my pillow.  Oh my so sweet!  I felt SO bad! 

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