Friday, January 4, 2013

My Calling

About 18 months ago I was released from my church calling as Miamaid Advisor (teaching the 14-15 year old girls) and called as the Stake Young Women Secretary.  I was very sad to be leaving our ward's young women's program, we have excellent leaders and amazingly strong girls.  However, I was looking forward to a new adventure as I had never had a stake calling before.  It was a tough adjustment at first, the other three ladies had all been in the previous presidency and knew so much more than me.  Also, since I only moved here three years ago I really didn't know many people outside of my own ward.  My responsibilities include note taking at all meetings, lots and lots of emails, assist in the youth dances each month, assist and attend girl's camp and youth conference, attend all ward conferences, new beginnings, and young women in excellence programs, trainings, and a variety of other things. 
These are the wonderful ladies I am privileged to work with (we are at the youth New Years Eve dance).  Next to me is Mary Kay (1st counselor), a pediatric nurse who also lives on and runs a full working farm...she has a personality similar to mine and we get along great.  Lisa (President), the blonde, is called "Sister Barbie" by many of the youth...and it's obvious why, she's beautiful!  But, more than that, she is such a strong leader and has such a strong testimony and love for the gospel and for the youth of our stake.  On the end is Becky.  It took me a longer time to get to know Becky, once I did I really liked and admired her.  Becky is a worker, she is smart, and she is a thinker.  She is also a good listener.  I feel so lucky to get to serve with each of them.  My calling is, at times, draining and exhausting and time consuming but (as frequently happens with the Lord) the blessings that come from my service far outweigh the struggles. 

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