Friday, September 13, 2013

Tyce's Email

The other day Tyce asked Parker if he could send me an email, Tyce told Parker what to type...

Thank you mommy for washing our new clean clothes.

Thank you mommy for making my bed.

I love you mommy!

Thank you for washing my clean clean ylala.

Happy Birthday to mommy.

Thank you mommy for my new bed.

Thank you for my new clothes mommy.

Thank you for my flip flops and my water shoes. Those are really new. I've never had water shoes.

Thank you for my new pants and my new shirt and my new pants that I'm wearing.

Then I want to say thank you for my new animal bin.


So sweet!!!  It's hilarious because some of the "new" things he thanked me for are almost a year old!  Haha, he has a good memory and is very you Tyce!!!

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