Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Time for a quick update on the Morrill family!  Nothing too exciting going on these days.  Jack and Josh are doing really well in their separate classes, they don't seem to miss each other but seem happy to be together after school.  They are still enjoying soccer.  Tyce LOVES preschool, absolutely loves it and looks forward to it every day.  He is learning a lot and loves his teacher.  He is still playing soccer, although I don't think he loves it.  I'm thinking maybe we started him too young.  Parker and I are just being mom and dad, housewife and provider, and trying to find time for each other in between all the craziness.   
Here are some cell phone pics I wanted to add...
Brody is seriously the most awesome/unique cat.  When  I go for my morning runs he waits for me by the fence where I stop running and start walking and then he does my cool down with me, walking right next to me.  It's so cute.  When he first sees me he meows and runs over to me.  I love that he has a dog like personality without the high maintenance aspects of actually having a dog! 
 We went on a walk and this was too cute a pic to pass up on...
Despite our busy evenings we try to get story time in each night, Jack and Josh are really good readers and I attribute that, in large part, to Parker reading to them every night since they were very little.  It's also some much needed daddy time for the boys. 
 Josh lost his first top tooth!  Ah, bring on the big ugly adult teeth!  Hahaha!
Traci and I are doing a swap this school year where she takes Tyce after preschool on Mondays and I take her girls on Wednesday.  It works out so great because we get breaks and the kids get to play together.  Tyce LOVES Traci's house, it's probably his favorite place to go.  Here are the kids making cards at my house last week...
Ah homework time.  Don't let this picture fool you...rarely is this what it looks like.  Josh is pretty good at doing his, Tyce LOVES homework, Jackson...ah he's so difficult!  Some days he's perfectly fine but he's very unpredictable, he can turn into tantrum mode in no time.  His teacher assigns lots of homework and we've just got to find a way to make it work for everyone. 
Sunday evening, all my boys watching football while I slave away in the kitchen making them dinner...the joys of motherhood!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love baby Anna?  I love that Traci lets me snuggle on her babies so I get my baby fix without having to actually have them myself.  :)  She's three months now and growing up way too fast!
In other news, Tyce gets his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow morning...I'm nervous about it but ready for it to be over and for him to start sleeping better.  I'll update on him soon!!!

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