Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

Yesterday was Parker's 32nd birthday! He had to work so I got up with him before he left and made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. When he got home from work we picked him up from the train and went to Pizza Hut with the kids because they got their Book Its and couldn't wait to get their free pizzas. After pizza we came home for presents and cake... The kids worked very hard on their cards for daddy. Jackson's writing is looking so good and he put so much thought into what he wanted to write and draw for daddy...

Josh did his a little faster but still was very excited to write what he loves about his daddy...
Tyce was so cute about making a card for daddy. "My draw circles, my name, and my hand." He got cute cards and money from my grandparents and parents...I got him shoes, not super exciting but he needed them and liked them!Parker loves red velvet cake but no one else in the fam does so he has an entire 9x13 cake to eat!

Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with some friends, without the kids, so that will be a little more relaxing. :)

I love Parker so much and am so glad that he is mine. He is everything I want and need in a husband and best friend. He is loving, complimentary, patient, unselfish, energetic, good conversationalist, intelligent, humble, athletic, and gorgeous. What more could a girl want right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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