Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pajama Day!

Today was pajama day at kindergarten and Jackson and Josh have been extremely excited about it. They've been trying to decide which jammies to wear for a long time. They finally picked some, despite me trying to sway them to the ones I think are cutest, and woke up super excited. I figured I could do a blog about how mornings are now that the boys are in school. Not because it's super interesting but because these are times I want to remember.

The twins' alarm goes off at 6:55am, most of the time it's Jack who jumps out of bed and turns it off. Then he comes into my room, crawls into bed with me, and we cuddle until about 7. Then we go wake up Josh (which is sometimes easy and sometimes not). Tyce either wakes up at 5am or 7am and he reads books in Jack and Josh's room while they get dressed. Occasionally there are fits about what to wear, what matches, whether or not they want to match eachother, if they're going to be cold or hot, etc. But they're dressed by 7:10. Then we head downstairs for breakfast and I set the timer, they have to be done eating by 7:25... Tyce eats a banana and juice while the twins eat, he eats his oatmeal when we get back from the bus stop...While they're eating breakfast I finish putting their lunches together (I make them the night before) and remind them to hurry and eat (my kids eat SO slow!)

At 7:25 we go upstairs to brush teeth, wash faces and hands, and put lotion on their faces...
Then we head out the door around 7:30 or 7:35...Tyce always wears his jammies and cowboy boots to the bus stop, he's a real hit with all the other kids and parents at the bus stop...Josh waiting at the bus stop (it's his snack day today so he had a bag of peach cups for the class). Josh always runs to the line and rarely gives me hugs or kisses before he leaves. If I'm lucky he'll wave to me...Jack waiting at the bus stop. He's so cute at the bus stop because he always gives me a hug and a kiss before he goes...Not the best picture because the windows are super tinted but Jack is in front of Josh and they're both by the window. Recently they haven't been sitting together on the bus. I asked them why and Josh said "well because if I always sit by Jack then I'll never make new friends mommy!" Jackson said, "well how about this Josh, we'll do a pattern, you sit by me, you don't sit by me, you sit by me, you don't sit by me." SO cute! I'll admit, it's hard as a mommy of twins to see them not sitting by eachother. I know it's healthy, I know it's good, I know all that. But still, I want them to always be side by side their whole lives! Is that so much to ask?! :) Then Tyce and I come home and he eats his oatmeal while we talk at the table. He wanted me to take pictures of him and his "biaper and boots."
After he eats he watches a show (he never lasts longer than 15 minutes watching TV) and plays with his toys while I eat, pay bills, check my email, do my blog, etc. Around 9:30 we head to the gym! That's how mornings go in the Morrill household!!!


Kris Westover said...

Your boys have amazing hair.

Joelle said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!! So fun to read about your routine. By the way Jenn, who do the cowboy boots remind you of? Hahaha. I think Tyce is just as attached to his as sam was!!!