Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Jackson

Jackson has always had a sweet, sensitive, and spiritual side of him. There have been many times where I feel the spirit in his presence. A couple weeks ago I started playing one of my favorite church songs, When He Calls My Name by Hilary Weeks. Every time I hear it it brings tears to my eyes. I left it playing on the computer while I went upstairs to change Tyce's diaper. When I came downstairs Jackson was sitting in the computer chair staring at the screen while that song played. He was completely calm and in his own world. I let the song finish then I asked him what he was doing. He turned to me and said, mommy for some reason I really like that song!

A week later I had that same song playing while I was making dinner. I forgot that it was still playing and we started to eat dinner. With all the noise in my house you could barely hear the music.

Jackson: "Everyone be quiet, I like this song!"
Parker had just taken Tyce upstairs because he was throwing a fit. Josh and I were very quiet while we listened to the entire song.
Me: "Jack do you know what that song is about?"
Jackson: "No?"
Me: "It's about when you die and meet the Savior in Heaven, he will call your name."
Jackson: "How do you know I'll go to Heaven mommy?"
Me: "If you live a good life and try your best to be good then you will honey."
Jackson: "But mommy, I've done some bad things that I don't want to tell you about."
Me: "Jack you can tell me anything, I always want you to be honest with me."
Jackson: "Well, one time I hit Joshy and said I didn't. And one time I broke Joshy's toy but said that Joshy did it."
Me: "Jackson thanks for being honest with mommy. Let's work on being more honest ok?"
Jackson: "Ok mommy. When I meet Jesus in Heaven, will you all be there too? Joshy, Daddy, Tyce, and you?"
Me: "Yes honey, we're all trying to live our lives so that we can be worthy of that blessing of an eternal family in Heaven."
Jackson had tears in his eyes and a calm I've never seen in his face. For about 30 seconds he sat there with tears in his eyes and the sweetest look on his face. The spirit was so strong in our dining room. After about 30 seconds he says, I have to go potty. Haha.

That was the first time I think he's really felt the spirit so strongly. I want him to always remember it so he cannot deny it. I think music touches him like it does me. I am so grateful he was sent to my home to give me those sweet and precious moments. I love you Jackson and will try harder to live my life so I can live forever with you!

Another cute Jack story, this was his morning prayer the other day:

"Please bless Joshy and I to find kids that don't have friends and be their friends and play with them. And please bless us to show the bad kids how to be good."

Hahaha, so cute!!! :)


Michelle said...

Sniff,sniff :) Oh I love your boys!

Janae said...

that is so so sweet. what a great experience for the both of you. he is such a sweet boy. I loved his prayer too. what a sweetheart.