Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week With Dana

My older sister Dana came to visit on Tuesday! I've been super excited for her to come because she's never been out here and also we've never really had time together without kids!

My boys don't know Dana very well, especially Tyce, but it sure didn't take them long to warm up to her!Friday Parker took the day off to watch the kids and Dana and I went to DC for the day! It was a fun and exhausting day! We left at 8am and got home at 8pm with sore feet!

We went to visit Obama but he was busy...Saturday we went to the gym halloween party, then went bowling!Ironman bowling...Bumble Bee bowling...My cute boys, who knows what Tyce is looking at...Tyce was so cute clapping and cheering for everyone...My cute sis bowling...Why do we both look so tired? Haha...An attempt at a family picture, again, where is Tyce looking??After bowling we went out to lunch, home for naps, then off to the ward halloween party! They got their face painted by the young women...The only picture we got of them walking across the stage for the costume parade. Tyce won the cutest kid costume award!Cutest cowboy I've ever seen!Auntie Dana with her cute nephews!

It was so fun having her here. We stayed up late every night chatting, laughing, and watching family home videos. The only reason I'm glad she's gone is so that I can finally get caught up on my sleep! Thanks so much for coming sis!!! Next visitors, my parents in a couple weeks! Yay!!!

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