Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surprise Trip to Utah Part 2

Sunday we went to church then went to Dana's house for dinner.  The weather was perfect for playing and eating outside.  The kids played while the adults chatted.  Sunday night the twins spent the night at Dana's with their cousins and I stayed with my parents in their hotel.

Here I am cuddling sweet Luke...

Monday we slept in then met at In and Out for a yummy lunch...

Then we headed to a waterpark called Cowabunga Bay.  It was 96 degrees but a little windy so the little ones got cold.  Luckily there was a heated pool and lazy river that they spent a lot of time in.  Josh was quite the daredevil, going down the biggest slides they had. 
 Jackson loved this slide..
 Joshy coming down...
Monday night we swam in the hotel, had dinner, then the kids slept while the adults chatted.  The boys were thoroughly exhausted every night, going to bed late and playing so hard every day. 
We had to get up early Tuesday morning for our flight, the poor boys were so tired.  They were good on the plane though, such travel troopers.  Our plane ended up being delayed in Chicago so we thought we were going to miss their baseball game but we ended up only missing one inning so that was good.  After their game we came home, unpacked, showered, and crashed.  The twins slept till 10am the next morning! 

It was such a great weekend, and I was so sad to leave.  Josh kept saying, "mommy I wish we didn't have to take such long plane rides to play with our cousins."  Broke my heart.  I wish that too.  But thanks to my mom for flying us out and a big thanks to Parker for taking care of Tyce.  Sounds like he had fun with daddy and I'll do a post about that next because Parker took a few pics of their time together. 

The good news is...MY PARENTS COME IN 6 DAYS!!!  They're coming out for the twins' birthday, can't wait!!! 

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