Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jackson and Josh

There are a few little stories I wanted to mention about Jackson and Josh.  I think I'll start off with the BAD and end with the GOOD.

Here is the note that Joshy brought home with him from school yesterday...

In case you don't speak/read kindergartener, it says I squirted juice in Brandon's eye at lunch and I was playing too.  Josh has been getting in trouble at school more the last month or two than he has all year and I don't know why.  He has had to do multiple "think walks" and has gotten three notes sent home.  He loves to be silly and the kids he chooses to hang out with are even more silly.  I love that he has a sense of humor and likes to make people laugh, but he needs to learn there is a time and a place.  I don't really know what to do, maybe he'll outgrow it.  My mom tells me when I was in school I always did great in all areas except my teachers told my mom I talked too much, shocker huh?  Guess he gets it from me. 

In other news Jackson said something so cute and funny the other day while I was washing his hair..."Mommy, all the boys in my class like to play bad guys and fighting games at recess and those get us in trouble and then we have to do think walks (time outs). I like to choose the right so I can live in heaven with you forever so I play with Tiffany, Genesis, and Laura...we play restaurant and don't get in trouble. Girls choose the right."  Hahahaha, he said it so honestly and innocent...I LOVE IT!  He is quite the ladies man, girls seem to flock to him at school.  However, if you say that to him he gets VERY embarassed. 

Lastly, I wanted to share a cute story from this morning at the bus stop.  We waited for 15 minutes and the bus hadn't come yet, which was weird because it's always right on time.  Finally two buses showed up, not their regular one because they had had two buses break down so they were all doing different routes trying to pick up all the kids.  Josh was in the front of the line and got on the first bus along with about 10 other kids.  That bus filled up so the bus driver told all the other kids, including Jackson, to get on the other bus.  Jackson started bawling, he was genuinely so sad and scared.  He said, "mommy I don't want to go on the bus by myself.  I want to be with Josh."  I told him Josh's bus was full but he would see him at school.  That made him cry even harder so I said, fine, I'll just drive you to school.  We started to walk away and this 2nd grader, Jonathan, ran off Josh's bus and said "Jack, you can have my spot so you can be with your brother, I'll get on the other bus."  Jackson's face lit up and he got on the bus to sit by Josh.  It was so sweet of that kid to notice Jack was sad and to be so thoughtful.  I was surprised because every other time I see that kid he annoys the heck out of me.  In fact, right before the bus came he was trying to convince Jackson to step in dog poo!  But it was cute to see that side of him.  More so, however, I was struck by Jackson's reaction.  If you know my twins at all you know they are far from clingy with eachother.  In primary they don't sit by eachother, at school they don't sit by eachother, they don't play with eachother at recess, and they each have different groups of friends.  I've always known they were still best friends but to see Jack's reaction just melted my heart.  I am touched by his love for his brother.  When I talk to them about 1st grade and ask whether they want to be in the same class or different classes Jackson always says THE SAME!  Josh goes back and forth but usually says different.  I don't know what I'll end up doing, but I think I'll probably seperate them, which is so hard.  I love having twins and I feel like the older they get the less "twin" like they'll be.  Even the fact that I don't dress them the same anymore is kinda sad to me.  I just hope that they always have a special relationship regardless of their life circumstances.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nothing like having twins...I feel so blessed.

Ok, I can't leave out Tyceroo.  He has been fun lately, and has been wanting to dress himself.  This is what happens 99% of the time...   
Hahaha, how uncomfortable does that look??  Cute lil bum though!!!!

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