Monday, May 21, 2012

Creative Perfectionist Jackson

Jackson checked out a cute book from the library called Too Many Toys  and at the end the kid in the book makes a rocket ship out of a box.  Jackson decided he wanted to make one as well, so Sunday after church he got to work.  Since I was taking care of sick Joshy Parker was on his own to help Jack.  Now, if you know Jack at all you may know that he is quite the perfectionist and can literally go to pieces if something goes wrong with something he is making.  Patient Parker explained to Jack that the one in the book was make believe, someone just drew it, so his may not look exactly like that one.  That was hard for Jackson to accept but, surprisingly, he did!  He worked so hard to make it as similar as he could to the book and...I think...he had no fits about it!  Maybe he's growing up a little bit...

Here is he so proud of his rocket ship.  He asked me if he could hold the book up so "everyone on your blog can see that it looks almost exactly like the one in the book." 

Here are the aliens and planets he drew...

I love Jackson so much.  I love his creativity, patience, and desire to make things just right.  His teacher at school says he's always the last one to finish his work, not because he's slow or not smart, but because he always wants to do his best and have it look perfect.  I hope we can steer his perfectionism (is that a word?) or desire for perfection in a way that he will feel good about himself and accomplish great things. 

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