Saturday, July 19, 2014

Utah Trip Part 4-Sisters Night

So while Grandma Morrill was up at the cabin with most of the grandkids, Grandpa Morrill babysat the two babies so us girls could have our annual SISTERS NIGHT!  

We went to Marions and got shakes, BEFORE dinner...yes we're crazy  ;)
Then we went to the Grille for dinner and we all got extreme cases of the giggles...

 Shane finally moved out of Morrill's house and on his own so we decided to go "decorate" his new place...

After our tp'ing adventure we headed out to Skinwalker Ranch to scare ourselves then we headed home. We did all three tired moms could possibly do!  Poor teenage Tegan at least SEEMED to have fun with us though  :)  I love my sisters in law and love that we can have so much fun together!

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