Monday, February 27, 2012


"No other success can compensate for failure in the home." President David O. McKay

This is my favorite quote and I wish more parents today would recognize the importance of their role as a father or a mother. I was talking to one of the moms at the twins basketball game the other day and I asked why her husband hadn't been to any of the games. She told me he liked to go to happy hour since he gets off early on Fridays, or he likes to go to Caps games, or he likes to relax at home. I was so saddened for her son who has never had his dad come to any of his games, not because he has to work or travel, but because he is choosing something else over his family. I looked over at Parker, or should I say Coach Parker, as he is trying to get ten five year olds to understand the concept of dribbling, passing, and shooting. I felt so proud of my husband. Parker is not a perfect father, but he tries his best. His priority is his family and always has been. I'm sure there have been many times when he has wanted to skip something with his kids and relax at home or go out with friends or go to a game, but more so he wants to be there for his sons because he recognizes the importance of the role of a father in the home. I truly believe that quote from President McKay. It doesn't matter how much success you have at work, school, in the community, etc if you fail at home. YOUR FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. It is so sad to see the state of the family in our society today and I wish more men were like my husband. Jackson, Josh, and Tyce, YOU HAVE A LOVING, HARD WORKING, UNSELFISH, FUN, AND DEVOTED DADDY!


Riddle Girl said...

Perfect post! This will be great to have in their next book. It also shows them how important it is to you by you writing it down!
I need to post more things like this!
You are doing such a good job as their mom too!
One thing I know by reading this blog is how important family is in your life!

Jenn said...

Oh thanks Heather! That's exactly why I blogged about it, I want it in my next blog book. I want my boys to know how lucky they are!

Tyler, Jackie, Cole, and Kate! said...

Wonderfully put Jenn! I'm so glad you've always seen and appreciated the amazing guy that he is, I've always thought so :) We are incredibly blessed to have husbands that put us first.