Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun Inside

When we were't outside having fun in the snow we were inside having fun! It was nice to have all our family in one house. Watching all the cousins play was just precious. Jackson and Josh just adore Livi (she's 7) and she loves bossing them around. Actually, Tyce adored Livi too. Abbi is 11 and would sometimes try to be a grown up and sometimes play with the kids. Poor Mason, who's 4, was really sick the whole week so he didn't get to do much.

Grandpa reading stories to Tyce and Abbi... This was a frequent scene in the house, if you know my family at all you know that food and meals are an IMPORTANT part of any family vacation!!! We all took turns helping my mom with meals and dishes but, in the end, my mom did most of the work as always. She had started planning food weeks in advance!

My brothers in law, David and Jason...David, Dana, and Lindsay's new baby Luke! I don't know why David can't make a normal face...
The cousins played lots and lots of games. Here they are playing Hands Down...Grandpa snuggling baby Luke...At night when the kids were down the adults would play games. Again, weird faces from Parker and David...Playing pin the feather on the turkey with Grandma...Doing a bead craft...Livi and Tyce...Playing Moose in the House with grandma and grandpa...Watching cartoons with grandpa...All the cousins! Abbi, Luke, Jackson, Livi, Josh, Mason, and Tyce!We went to The Pancake House twice to eat, it was SO yummy! The pancakes are the best I've ever had and HUGE! Here's my mom reading them stories while we wait for our food...Before we checked out of the house on Thursday we got a quick family picture...

I'm so glad my kids were able to spend some time with their cousins. They were entertained 24/7 for an entire week! They even got to sleep with their cousins because there's a big room with 4 queen beds in it so they all rotated who slept with who. The adults had fun too, eating, laughing, playing games, and just being together. I'm so lucky to have such awesome parents who could pull this off!

One more post to come!!!

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Daisha said...

What an awesome trip for your family Jenn. It looks so fun! I saw your grandma Roxie at the temple on Saturday and got to give her a big hug!! Such a sweet lady.