Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mommy and Jack Go Shopping

Today I took Jackson to the mall because he needed a new pair of jeans. I LOVE time alone with Jackson. He is such a special boy and I love being able to give him my undivided attention. We pulled into the parking lot:

Me: "Jack maybe you can pick out a new shirt today!"
Jackson: "Hmm...mommy, Josh isn't here and he would be so sad if he didn't get one. Do you think I could pick one out for him too please?"

I love that his very first thought was about his brother. SO sweet and thoughtful. So we proceed to JC Penney where we quickly find jeans (he's a size 7 slim now!) then he starts looking for a shirt. THIS is where I could see he is definitely PARKER'S SON! He found this ugly dinosaur shirt there for $12. He said he wanted to keep looking though. We then went to H&M where he found an ugly super hero shirt for $5. Then we went to Target where he found an even uglier super hero shirt for $9. Ah, the joys of boys clothes. Anyways, I told him he could choose whichever one he wanted (however, I made it clear these will be shirts that they wear only when we are home and in our cozy clothes, haha). He stood in Target for about half an hour talking to himself and trying to decide which shirt to get. That is so Parker, so indecisive and analyzes every choice. Not me, I'm quick and decisive. Then he asks me:

Jackson: "Mommy, how much monies are all the shirts?"
Me: "$12, $5, and $9."
Jackson: "Well, I really like this one, but do you have $9?"
Me: "Yes, I have $9, but that's all."
Jackson: "Gosh, I really don't want to take all your money mommy! And then will Joshy not get one?"
Me: "Honey, I think I have $9 for each of you."

His face lit up and he FINALLY decided on an ugly gray superhero shirt for him and an ugly blue superhero shirt for Josh.

When we passed the photo booth I just couldn't say no to my sweet boy so we got some silly pictures taken together.... Jackson picked the layout, because "it already says I love you at the top, just like I love you mommy!"

I love love love my sweet boy. He is such a thoughtful, sensitive, loving boy. He held my hand all through the mall and never stopped talking.

On the way home our conversation was:

Jackson: "Mommy, how do boy chickens know if the other chickens are boys or girls?"
Me: "Umm...just like you know if someone is a boy or girl!"
Jackson: "Well, its easy with people because boys have short hair and girls have long hair."
Me: "Well, I think they just know honey, they can sense it."
Jackson: "What does that mean?"
Me: "Maybe you'll have to ask daddy."

Haha, I love the way his mind works.

Can I freeze time? I LOVE AGE 5!!!

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