Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dress Up

Today we had two pirate/superhero/king/cowboy/knights fighting bad guys at my house...

I seriously love how they will go into their dress up drawer and pull out everything they possibly can to put on. Cowboy boots, cowboy belts (to tuck their swords into), superhero capes, king clothes and crown, eye patch, pirate bandana, shields, and snow gloves. They play SO cute together, I wish I could follow them around with a video camera all day because their make believe play is hysterical and so creative. As much as I wanted girls, I have learned to love listening to two five year olds playing bad guys/good guys. I love my boys so much!!!

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Brent said...

If I was a bad guy I'd be scared of the security force protecting the Morrill home! I love their imagination and creativity.