Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Mobiling and Ice Sculpture Festival

Tuesday my parents rented snowmobiles for the day. The beginning of the day started out rough when my brother in law tipped his over in a hole and got stuck but other than that it was a great day!

Parker and the twins...Josh kept telling me to slow down when I was driving him but when HE was driving he was going super fast!

Uncle Jason took Jackson for a ride...Cute guys on their snowmobiles...Parker, Josh, Jason, Jackson...Then we left the kids with my parents and Parker, Jason, Lindsay, and I went for a ride. I rode on the back for a while then took my turn driving. I was "cautious" as Parker puts it, but I had fun driving!Linds and I at the top, it was SO pretty! Don't mind how nasty I look what with my snowmobile suit, no make up, hair in a pony, and a wind blown face...Saturday we headed into town to walk through the ice sculpture festival! It was really cool and the kids loved it.

Here are the twins in Candyland...Stegosaurus...Jackson, Mason, Abbi, Livi, and Josh. Above them it says Jurassic Park...Check out T-Rex's teeth!Buzz Lightyear! This was my favorite...

More to come!!!

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