Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mathathon Fundraiser

Jackson and Josh came home a couple weeks ago telling me:

"Mommy, we're doing a mathathon at school. It's to get money for kids who lose their hair because they're so sick. They take emotherapy but it costs lots of monies. Mrs. Fletcher says we can't just use all our piggy bank monies we need to ask our friends and family to donate monies. Anyone that's older than us can donate so, like, I have 1st grade friends so I can ask them. Who else can I ask mommy?"

Haha, I didn't understand what a mathathon was until I got the papers from school. The boys get a math book that they have to complete to get the donations. They love math and it's a good motivation for them to learn. They are super excited about getting the ugly t-shirt that you get if you get $35 (each) and a backpack if you get $75 (each). Normally I'm not big into fundraisers but they have brought it up to me every day. More so than the t-shirt and backpack, they're really concerned for these sick kids and really want to help them, which is precious.

Please take a look at their webpage and, if you can, give a donation.


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