Friday, February 10, 2012

Time To Go Home

Thursday morning we got up, got all packed up, and left McCall. I think all of us had mixed feelings about leaving. The trip was so fun and thinking about going back to real life was less than exciting, but then again, it's always good to be home. Before we went home we spent one night at my friend Tara's house in Boise. Her and I have been best friends since we were five but we never live in the same city so we take time to see eachother when we can. Linds and Jason dropped us off and we had to say goodbye, which was so hard. I hate not knowing when I will see precious baby Luke again! Luckily, I will see all the adults in July when we go back to McCall for a week in the sun with no kids!!! Anyways, Tara and I had lots to talk about and it was so good to see her... The boys had fun playing with Sophie...

Friday afternoon Tara dropped us off at the airport. By this point we were all very excited to go home. The kids were angels on the plane, just perfect. They are such good travellers. They've got the airport security thing down and are such troopers carrying their very heavy backpacks. I got lots of compliments on all 4 of our plane rides this trip on how cute my boys were and how well behaved they were. I was so proud. :)

This is their favorite part, riding the train at Dulles... Waiting outside for Traci to come pick us up! It was 11pm and Parker and I were thoroughly exhausted from a day of travelling but the kids were happy as can be! We all slept till 11 the next morning which was so nice!

It's taken about a week to get the kids back on East Coast time. They've had a hard time getting to bed on time and waking up on time. We already miss everybody but were grateful for the fun week we had. Thanks a million mom and dad!!!!

Next visitor: my dad!! He's coming to DC for meetings next week and is going to spend a couple days with us! Yay!

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