Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baseball Game with Daddy!

Parker thought it would be good to take the boys to a baseball game since they just started t-ball so he found some cheap tickets on Groupon and took them to a minor league game on Friday. They were SO excited to go...Waiting for the game to start...Jack loved dancing in the stands...After the game they got to run the bases!

Parker said they all had so much fun and the boys were so interested. They asked him lots of questions about baseball, thought the home runs were SUPER cool, thought the broken bats were SO cool, and were excited when a "big brother" gave them a foul ball. They have their first t-ball game next week!

While they were at the game Tyce and I stayed home and watched a movie together cuddling on the couch. Randomly he looks back at me, wraps his arms around my neck and says, "you my beeeeest friend mommy." MELTED MY HEART!

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Lindsay said...

oh this is adorable. and tycey's comment. are you kidding me??