Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun at the Park

Saturday afternoon my friend Kimberly and I took our kids out to a cute park in Warrenton that we had never been to. The boys were super excited, as they always are when they get to play with Jakey and Brianna.

Haha, it was a little bright outside so most of the pics are of them squinting... Tyce and Jake were SO cute on this, until some big fat 10 year old got on and almost popped them both right off!

Brianna ran over to me, "Ms. Jenn you have to come take a picture of us!" Hahaha so cute...Seriously, too cute. Jake and Tyce are best of friends. They play SO well together...
The whole clan...Brianna and Josh enjoying being pushed by Jack...
So Kimberly and I are chatting on the bench and Jake yells, "look mommy!" He was at the top of this big toy! I go, "oh wow, Tyce would never do that he's such a wuss." A few minutes later I look over to see this...I couldn't believe he climbed to the top! He's a total wuss on playgrounds, rarely even going down slides!

After the park we headed to a place called The Carousel for ice cream! Check out these cute kids!As always, Josh devoured his ice cream and Jackson and Tyce barely had three bites! Don't worry, mommy ate hers ALL GONE! :)

It was a great day! Kimberly and I love playdates where everyone is happy and they leave us alone to chat :) We're grateful for such great friends!!!


Riddle Girl said...

I love that Tyce had his hair spiked too. Very cute!

Mikaela said...

Glad you had a good time, didn't call back cause I figured you would want to be present with your friend their rather than talking on the phone.