Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break Part 1

I had grand plans for the week of spring break. I didn't want the boys to get bored so I tried to schedule something fun every day. However, plans changed when poor Josh got a horrible case of strep throat. He had a fever of 105 for most of the day Monday and was sicker than I've ever seen him. So we didn't get out and about much until today! Parker had arranged to have today off so we could do something fun as a family which was nice. We had so much fun today that it will take THREE posts to cover it all! :)

First we headed off to Frying Pan Park/Kidwell Farm, a real working farm about 20 minutes away from our house. It was a perfect day and not too crowded considering it's spring break. They were excited to "drive" the tractors...

Oh, and yes, they insisted on wearing their cowboy clothes. Well, if there's ever a time where they could wear these and NOT look out of place...this would be the time! We got tons and tons of compliments on these adorable cowboys...They were fascinated by the washboard and basin, they couldn't believe that people actually used to wash their clothes this way...Best friends/cowboys...This was the first thing Tyce would pet, he's kinda a wuss. He warmed up to this lamb pretty quick though. We came at a good time because lots of the spring babies were there. Baby goats, chicks, lamb, piglets, calves, etc. "Yee-haw" Josh said as he rode the carousel horse!While daddy, Tyce, and Josh were on the carousel Jackson and I went on a wagon ride around the farm...It was a cute place and the boys had lots of fun. After we left we went to grab some lunch at one of our favorite Italian places, Bertucci's. The boys love it because they give the kids bread dough to play with. Here they are being silly (and I know it looks like they were screaming but they weren't, they were good boys)!

After lunch we headed to this awesome miniature golf post coming soon!!!


Justina Selim said...

Looks like you guys have been doing lots of fun things! Crazy how grown up everyone looks! Miss u! :->

Shaunae said...

Ah! Frying Pan Park is the best. It's been a while I guess because I don't remember a carousel there. I love the picture of the boys standing on the fence. Frame-worthy for sure!