Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Girls

No, I'm not pregnant with twin girls  :)   I don't think I've blogged about Leah and Sarah, the two girls I babysit, and since they are a big part of our lives I want it in my blog book!  Over a year ago my friend Traci asked me if I would watch her girls twice a week while she works from home.  She told me I could think about it and talk to Parker but, right away, I said yes!  Having two cute girls in my home twice a week?  Yes!  Plus the extra money has been nice to help us pay for trips home to see family!

Leah is 3 and Sarah is 18 months.  Tyce and Leah are SO cute together and Sarah is a little angel that just toddles around babbling. Traci (who only lives .4 miles away from me) typically drops them off about 8:30am and we play for about an hour, go to the gym, then come home for lunch.  After lunch we play for a while then Sarah goes down for a nap (all I do is change her diaper and lay her down and she goes to sleep like an angel).  Sometimes Tyce naps as well while Leah reads stories and plays quietly.  Traci usually comes over about 3:30pm, we talk for as long as the kids will let us, then they head home.  It's been such a blessing to have these girls in our home.  For one, I get my girly fix.  Traci's girls are VERY girly, painted toes, dolls, pink and purple, playing mommy and daddy and baby, etc.  Another thing that I love about it is having Leah and Sarah over has really brought out all my boys' sensitive side.  Josh seems to have a special connection with Sarah that is so precious.  One day she was crying in time out on the bottom stair and Josh just walked over, put his arm around her, and she stopped crying.  After a few minutes Josh sighed and said, "how much longer do I have to do this?"  Haha, so cute.  Tyce is also really sweet, one day Sarah was crying and Tyce ran upstairs, got his "la la" and came downstairs to wipe her tears away with his la la.  So sweet.  Leah and Tyce are hilarious.  One day Leah asked Tyce to marry her, he had no idea what she was talking about.  Later in the day they were playing babies and Leah goes, "Tyce if you marry me we can have REAL babies!"  Hahaha.  Traci and I are, of course, hoping at least one of my boys ends up with one of her girls.  I love having Leah and Sarah in my life, I love them so much.  When I go pick them up at the gym day care Sarah runs to me and says "mimi mimi mimi" (mommy) and puts her arms up for me to hold her, so cute.  There are some tough days, of course, with three kids ages three and under.  My house is a mess, sometimes they fight, and none of them are great eaters.  But the good times greatly outweight the bad times (like when Traci drops 9 month old Sarah off, hands me a bottle and says "Sarah has never had a bottle before," and leaves, and Sarah screams for hours!)  Hahaha.

 The best part is that I get to see Traci, my best friend, almost every day.  Traci has been a blessing to me in ways I can't even begin to describe.  She's more like a sister to me than a friend.  I can't talk about the possibility of moving to be closer to family without getting tears in my eyes at the thought of leaving Traci.  She's the most unselfish, non judgmental, loving, giving, and caring person I have ever met.  Traci would do anything for me or my family, and I hope she knows I would do the same.  I know Heavenly Father knew that moving out here would be so hard for me, I miss my family so much.  I know that he sent me Traci to ease the pain, and she does that every day.  She is there for me when I feel no one else is.  She is the only person (besides Parker) who I let see me in my pjs, no bra, crazy hair, no make up, etc.  I can just be Jenn around her, just like I can with my sister.  I love you Traci!!!

Here are some pics I took of them today...

They were playing "airport."  They each packed a backpack, set up all the chairs and stools in a line like an airplane, then Tyce would say "9, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!"  Leah would laugh, then they would "fly to Utah to see grandma and grandpa."                

A couple weeks ago I took them all to the park to play...

Last week Traci had to drop the girls off early because she had a meeting so they came in their pjs.  Tyce and Leah thought it was so cool that they were in matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse pjs..

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Mikaela said...

So glad you have been blessed with such a great friend. I know it has been harder than you ever thought being so far away. But, I am reminded of the last conversation I had with my mom as I was preparing to move. (little did I know I would be losing them too six days later.) She reminded me of the wonderful friends I had been blessed with and encouraged me to keep in touch and never take them for granted. But, more importantly she assured me that God would bless me with the people and friends I needed when I needed them. It is so true. Even when we think we may be completely forgotten about Heavenly Father is watching out for us sends people to be his angels whether in the flesh or not. I know it was an inspired conversation, and I am glad you have recognized that blessing in your life. Sometime when you and Traci aren't chatting it up give me a call. ;op