Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jackson and Josh's 7 Year Stats

Jackson and Josh had their 7 year check up this week with the pediatrician.  Needless to say, they're healthy, happy, and handsome so mommy was very proud!  I'll never forget when I went into pre-term labor at 31 weeks and the neonatologist came into my hospital room and told me there was a good chance the twins would be blind, deaf, mentally challenged, small, or even die.  He had horrible bed side manner and did not bother telling me that they might end up being perfectly normal!  When Jack was born at 3 pounds I remember him telling me that he will probably always be small.  WELL...these were his stats:
Height-50.50 inches (90th%)
Weight-57 pounds (75th%)
HA, I wish I could find that doctor and let him see what Jackson has become.  Side note, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing care my twins received at the NICU in Utah and I realize that without modern medicine and capable doctors and nurses my boys would most likely not be where they are today.
Here's Josh's stats:
Height-48 inches (50%)
Weight-51 pounds (50%)
My guess is Josh might end up being average height amongst boys his age but he'll most likely be the shortest boy in our family because Parker, Jack, and Tyce are all pretty tall.  But who knows and who cares...I love them both so much and am so proud of their growth and progress over the last seven years!

In other news, Tyce is going to see an ENT doctor next week to see if he needs his tonsils and adenoids taken out, they are really big and he seems to be struggling for air sometimes at night when he's sleeping.  I know it's a minor surgery but it still makes me super nervous.  Update to come!

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